The Blackest Black Void is the Blackest Black, Cured at Room Temperature


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VOID is our blackest black paint. It absorbs over 99% of all light, creating the blackest black you can imagine. VOID was created to deliver NASA the best possible solution for total light absorption in their most advanced planet-seeking telescopes. 

Carbon Black Heat Cure Graphic

Applied Sciences developed a method to cure VOID at room temperature and manufacture it in more efficient volumes. No other manufacturer of light absorption paint has achieved this. The material has many possibilities, especially for use in optics. Any product with a lens can benefit from VOID.

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The Benefits of a Blacker Black

Any product with a lens can be improved with light absorption. Images and photographs are clearer and crisper when outside light is blocked. 

Light Absorption

Applying the Blackest Black


Space Telescope


When the inside of a telescope is painted with VOID, it blocks out 99% of all light, and achieves superior visual performance. NASA uses VOID inside telescopes to block out all light and get an unobstructed view of other planets.

Void Art


Our paint removes all dimensions and outlines from the objects it covers. VOID has interesting art applications because of the cool effects it creates. We want to collaborate with artists to find new applications for this paint.