The Lab A Culture of Science

A Small But Mighty Team

We contract with you and conduct research and development to determine how best to meet your product performance targets. We’ll evaluate your product, prepare advanced materials candidates, and help you determine the right grade and formulation to meet your product goals in a cost-effective solution.

The Applied Sciences lab is located in Cedarville, Ohio, and staffed with a team of Ph.D. scientists, engineers, and materials and innovation experts. We’re the third-largest producer of carbon nanofiber, worldwide.

Global Leader in Advanced Materials

Applied Sciences specializes in the research and development of advanced materials. President Max Lake founded the company over 35 years ago, and since then, Applied Sciences has developed an international reputation working with carbon and carbon fibers. We‘ve been recognized by the state and federal governments, Industry Week, and R&D Magazine 
for our technology development achievements. 

We didn’t discover advanced materials, but we’ve spent decades patenting, perfecting, and finding better ways to use them in a wide range of consumer products. We started in the aerospace and defense industries and have since found effective ways to use carbon nanomaterials to improve products in markets such as sporting goods, advanced energy, consumer electronics, the automotive industry, and more.

A Leader for Decades

Our Team Focused Expertise

  • 35+

    Years in business

  • 13+

    Unique patents

  • 3rd

    Largest worldwide CNF producer

Our experienced team is focused on research and product development in carbon nanomaterials and carbon fibers. P3 CNFs are the Highest Quality Carbon Nanofiber in the World.

About the Team

Powerful, Patented, Pyrograf® Products

Pyrograf®-III (P3) can be uniformly dispersed in a polymer to provide a conductive network using conventional mixing and compounding equipment. Pyrograf®-III provides the maximum conductivity at the lowest loading of any commercially available conductive filler. Our customers are using these improvements to provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and antistatic properties. P3 can also increase the mechanical strength of products to improve their durability, flexibility, longevity, conductivity, and absorption. 

Pyrograf Products

Material Science Proprietary Dispersion Analysis Process

Our scientists use a proprietary process to evaluate the dispersion quality of our carbon nanomaterials in your product, ensuring that you’ll get peak performance from our nanomaterial additives. This analysis is critical. It’s how we guarantee the perfect distribution of our nanomaterials and ensure your products perform at the highest level. 


Our Material Science

Beyond Boundaries

The Blackest Black

VOID absorbs over 99% of all light, creating the blackest black you can imagine. Applied Sciences developed a way to cure VOID at room temperature and manufacture it in more efficient volumes. No other manufacturer of light absorption paint has achieved this capability. The material has many possibilities, especially for use in optics.

Learn About Void

R&D An International Research Reputation

Applied Sciences performs contract research for a variety of industrial clients. Our contract research includes dispersion preparation and analysis, development of custom thermoplastic compounds, advanced composite materials, CVD coatings, vapor phase and liquid phase chemical functionalization of carbonaceous materials, as well as synthetic diamond coatings and composites with synthetic diamond.

Contract Research