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Our manufacturing platform, Pyrograf Products is one of the largest producers of carbon nanofibers worldwide. Pyrograf focuses on manufacturing safe, high-quality, low-cost carbon nanofibers using a proprietary and patented vapor-grown carbon fiber (VGCF) process. We’re also a leader in developing standards and implementing quality control metrics for carbon nanofibers and nanotubes.

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Nano Fibers

Higher Performing Carbon Nanofibers

Carbon nanofibers are very small carbon molecules measured on the nanometer scale. They’re versatile and known for mechanical property enhancements (product performance), electromagnetic shielding, absorption, and electrical and thermal conductivity. 

Because carbon is widely available and low-cost, carbon nanofibers are a popular and affordable additive to composite materials. When added to other materials, carbon nanofibers can significantly increase a product’s durability, strength, absorption, and conductivity while simultaneously reducing its weight. They improve product performance and weight without decreasing quality.   

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Pyrograf III P3

Pyrograf III (P3) is a perfectly dispersed carbon nanofiber. It was created for the aerospace industry using Applied Science’s proprietary technology to achieve superior performance in materials. P3 has many applications and was even studied by NASA on the International Space Station. It critically enhances missile technology, aerospace composites, and energy storage advancements.

Nanofiber Measurements

P3 is a patented, very fine, highly graphitic, low-cost, tubular carbon nanofiber. It’s available in two types of fiber with diameters ranging from 70 to 200 nanometers and a length in excess of 100 microns. 

Nanofibers are much smaller in diameter than conventional continuous or milled carbon fibers (5-10 microns), but significantly larger than carbon nanotubes (1-10 nanometers). 

P3 is available in three grades and several product forms: powder-like (i.e. debulked), paper, pre-dispersed, and compounded product forms.


Nanocomposite Polymers

Pyrograf products are ideal for companies who produce nanocomposite polymer products for aerospace, military, automotive, and many other industries. When our custom nanofibers are mixed into polymers, they increase reinforcement, absorption, and conductivity.

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