Masterbatch Batch Your Polymers

A masterbatch is a special concentrate or mixture of P3 that is unique and customized for a specific product to improve performance, weight, conductivity, or absorption. Applied Sciences offers customized masterbatches in a variety of polymers including PC, PP, PA, HDPE, TPU, PEI, and PEEK. Each masterbatch uses tailored-shear extrusion to achieve the best performance for the application.

Masterbatch Process

Masterbatches Minimize Your Material Costs

Masterbatches leverage our in-house expertise to achieve the maximum benefit from Pyrograf III additives and minimize customer development and material costs. 

Typical Loading Range

Benefits of purchasing in a masterbatch

• Efficient use of Pyrograf III leads to lower total material cost
• Easier to handle and incorporate into the user’s process
• Reduced personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements
• Reduced regulatory requirements for commercial applications
• More cost-effective use of development funding