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Pyrograf® Products focuses on producing high-quality CNFs through our proprietary and patented vapor-grown carbon fiber (VGCF) process. Pyrograf®-III, by Applied Sciences, is a versatile vapor-grown carbon nanofiber with a wide range of applications.

Aerospace and military applications led the way for a wide range of other industries to take advantage of carbon Nanofiber.

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Microscopically Mighty

Carbon nanofibers can provide tailored reinforcement, conductivity, and absorption when added to plastic and composite products. Whether from aerospace to consumer goods, here’s how our patented advanced materials improve products to help you surpass your customers’ expectations.

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Dispersion Analysis

Analyzing the dispersion quality of carbon nanomaterials is a critical step in guaranteeing perfect distribution and high performance.

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Continuous nanomaterial sheet goods are produced using low-cost, commercially available materials.

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Masterbatches are special concentrates or mixtures of nanomaterials custom made for individual products. We leverage our in-house expertise to achieve maximum product benefit.

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Carbon Nanofibers

Compatible with most polymer 
processing techniques, carbon nanofibers 
are ideal for improving product weight, strength, conductivity, and absorption.

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Thin Films

Thin film materials are well-suited for use as pre-pregging sheets or as fully-cured surface coating materials.

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The blackest black paint available. Void can 
absorb over 99% of all light and has both
 aesthetic and functional applications.

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Contract Research Research meets development

Applied Sciences performs research and development to create an advanced material specific to your product needs and improvements. Each material is custom-made and unique to each product and customer. 

Our contract research team has Ph.D. scientists and engineers with a track record of solving advanced materials problems for government agencies and commercial clients.

Research Services