The First Nanofiber Alpine Construction

50 feet to flat on new P3 nanofiber board

By Prior Ski and Snowboard with Applied Sciences

From the International Space Station to the Mountain. A material specially designed for aerospace advancements P3 is now delivering an extraordinary advantage in snow sports. P3 provides skis and boards with  >200% reduction in material vibration, exponentially more durable, and out of this world control.

“The P3 Nano Material is an Amazing Upgrade!”

“The nanofiber is an amazing upgrade! It makes a true difference, and the board has unbelievable response and control. Our rider accomplished all the tricks he worked on through the winter.”

Dominic Morin
Head of Production and Design
Prior Ski and Snowboard Manufactory

Mission to be First in Innovation.

Since 1989, Prior has been focused on handcrafting premium products for the snow sports industry. Their aim is to consistently produce boards and skis that stand up to the test of time, as well as the rigorous performance needs of the most dedicated riders and elite athletes.

Applied Development

What We Did

A P3 enhanced resin was specially tailored with a blend of various carbon nanofibers that maximizes flex strength, impact and abrasion resistance (durability), and vibration damping. What that means for the rider is an unreal level of comfort and control even through the toughest terrains. With an easy resin drop-in resin solution. Prior’s process didn’t changed; their resin application was same as usual.

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