Reinforce Strengthen Your Products Down to the Atom

Nanomaterials can improve a product’s mechanical properties. Adding P3 to a product can increase its durability and strength and simultaneously reduce its weight without reducing quality. A stronger product that’s lighter weight, lasts longer, has a smaller environmental footprint, and is consumer-friendly. 

Reinforce Applications

We help our customers achieve product performance gains between the following ranges:

Modulus Increase

Tensile Strength and Fracture Toughness

increase shear strength infographic


What Products Can Benefit from Nanomaterial Reinforcement?

Any products made of plastic, ceramic, concrete, metal and more can become stronger, more flexible, lighter, and longer lasting without sacrificing quality. The following are a few examples and possible product improvements using our nanomaterials.   


Outdoor Gear

Outdoor sporting goods

A kayak benefits from additional shear strength created from carbon nanofibers. The boat’s bottom becomes worn from constant abrasion from hitting rocks and debris. When P3 is added to the surface, it protects against abrasion and extends its lifetime. It also makes a smoother gliding experience and a lighter product which are important to consumers. Adventurers want high-quality, lighter-weight products they can carry and use with ease.      


Rock Climbing


A rope’s tensile strength improves with the addition of carbon nanofibers. P3 can make ropes stronger and lighter at the same time. Think about a light rope with cable strength. It’s easier to carry and move but has the strength of a metal cable. 


Auto Tires

Automobile Tires

Tires made with carbon nanofibers are stronger and have a longer life. They don’t blow out like conventional tires so they are safer on the road for all drivers.




Concrete is a product that’s not evenly dispersed, so it has weaker spots and eventually erodes. With the addition of our perfectly dispersed carbon nanofibers, concrete becomes stronger and lasts longer.