Absorb Absorb Sound, Vibration, and Light

Improve your product by adding P3 to absorb more sound, light, and vibration. Enhance your customer’s experience with your product by making it a quieter, more comfortable, and better quality.     

Absorb Applications


Vibration Dapening


What Products Can Benefit from Absorption?

Telescope Lens

Camera and Telescope Lenses

P3 enables products to absorb up to 99% of light. So, products like cameras and telescope lenses can add carbon nanofibers to block outside light and increase picture and image quality.


Impact Drill

Impact Drill

P3 provides a better experience for consumers using power handheld tools by decreasing vibration. Less vibration means more user comfort and increased demand for a product brand. 



Audio Speaker and Headphones

Experience better sound quality and crisper music when you reduce vibration inside of speakers and headphones with carbon nanofibers.


Highway Barrier Walls

Highway Sound Barrier Walls

Add P3 to concrete and plastic resin highway sound barrier walls to decrease traffic noise and provide a quieter environment for neighboring homeowners and businesses.