Advantages Improve Customer Experience on a Nano Level

Advance Your Materials

Today’s consumers are buying durable goods within a different value matrix than in the past century. Expectations and values have shifted dramatically with the information revolution. Nanomaterials provide advantages that exceed expectations of businesses and consumers. We’re changing product performance and consumer experience with carbon nanofibers.

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Surpass Expectations

Nanomaterials improve products. Contract with us to evaluate, test, and solve your materials problems. Our research and development team can find the best advantages for your product and help you determine if it’s economical. 

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Our materials can be mixed into any product that is mechanical or requires durability. Our advanced nanomaterials make consumer goods such as outdoor gear and sporting equipment stronger and lighter.

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Advanced materials are more energy-efficient, have better heat dissipation, and impart conductivity. Both electrical and thermal-based products can benefit from temperature regulation and improved efficiency with the addition of nanomaterials.

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Absorption is important for sound and optical-based products. Our advanced materials provide greater vibration dampening and total light absorption. Users experience better sight and sound quality from products with nanomaterials.

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