Max-L-Lake Contract Research
Applied Sciences, Inc. has established an international reputation for research and development in materials development, with emphasis on VGCF and CNF.  ASI has derived funding for this work from state and federal agencies, as well as from industrial sources.  Funding agencies include the State of Ohio, National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, NASA, and EPA.

Applied Sciences also performs contract research for a wide variety of industrial clients.  Contract research at Applied Sciences ranges from dispersion preparation and analysis, development of custom thermoplastic compounds, advanced composite materials, CVD coatings, vapor phase and liquid phase chemical functionalization of carbonaceous materials, as well as synthetic diamond coatings and composites with synthetic diamond.


Dispersion Analysis
ASI’s Dr. Carla Lake has pioneered the development of a dispersion analysis methodology to quantify the level of dispersion and is now offering this service to ASI’s clients.  The concept for the dispersion analysis is based on Muti-Scale Image Analysis (MSIA). 
ASI uses this understanding to provide its clients with evaluations that help maximize the performance of our carbon nanofiber which allows for lower loading levels and reduced material costs.  In addition to lowering our clients material cost we can reduce their development time to speed their path to market all while maximizing their development funding