Applied Sciences, Inc. pioneered the commercial production of vapor grown carbon fibers (VGCF) beginning in 1985.  In the intervening years, ASI has generated and brought to market several forms of VGCF, from macroscopic graphite fibers currently used in thermal management applications, to nanoscale versions – multi-walled nanotubes called carbon nanofibers (CNF)  – used in a broad spectrum of applications capturing benefits of the exceptional physical properties of graphite.


Pyrograf-I is a vapor-grown carbon fiber (VGCF) produced via a fixed catalyst method.  Pyrograf-I fibers have a diameter range of 3-20 microns, and a length range of 1-10 cm.  Pyrograf-I provides exceptional thermal conductivity at a very low density.  Pyrograf-I is used to produce ASI’s patented Black Ice® composites.

Pyrograf-III is a patented, very fine, highly graphitic, yet low cost, carbon nanofiber.  Pyrograf-III is available in diameters ranging from 70 and 200 nanometers and a length estimated to be 50-100 microns.  Pyrograf-III is a multifunctional nanofiber providing both electrical conductivity as well as mechanical reinforcement.

Nanomat is a flexible and durable material that can withstand reel-to-reel processing methods such as pre-pregging and is readily infusible with resin.  Nanomat provides opportunities to reduce composite weight while adding multi-functionality.  CNF mat was developed for EMI shielding applications but is also ideally suited to enhance composite mechanical properties.

Conductive Thin Films are polymer films made to specified conductivity through carbon nanomaterials.  Conductive Thin Films offer the potential to achieve electrical resistivity targets at very low carbon filler loadings, through the  use of high aspect ratio, high electrical conductivity graphitic nanofibers and nanotubes.

Masterbatches made with Pyrograf-III carbon nanofibers are offered in a variety of polymers including PC, PP, PA, HDPE, TPU, PEI , and PEEK.  Each masterbatch uses tailored-shear extrusion based on dispersion analysis to achieve the best performance for the application. ASI in-house expertise enables achievement of maximum benefit from Pyrograf-III additives to minimize material costs.