Defense And Aerospace


Advanced Materials and Process Development for Defense Applications

  • Mechanical reinforcement of thermoplastic components to enable replacement of metal-based secondary components, leading to substantial weight savings
  • CFRP composites with carbon nanofiber have enhanced electrical conductivity for improved EMI shielding and lightning strike protection
  • CFRP composites with carbon nanofiber have enhanced mechanical properties, especially in the matrix dominated z-direction
  • Carbon nanofiber loaded composites have excellent thermal stability, erosion resistance, and high temperature performance
  • Substantial increases in thermal conductivity for improved heat transfer
  • Matrix reinforcement leads to lower CTE, decreased permeability, and mitigation of crack propagation
  • Electrically and thermally conductive adhesives


Helping Defense Suppliers Develop The Materials They Need

ASI has been working closely with large and small defense contractors to develop superior composites for use in ground, air, and sea-based military systems.


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