Automotive Suppliers

Advanced Materials and Process Development for Automotive Applications

  • Reinforced thermoplastics for body panels and interior trim
  • Conductive sheet molding compounds
  • Thermoset resins with superior thermal properties for under the hood components
  • Vibration damping elastomers for automobile tires, hoses, and belts
  • Advanced anode materials for lithium ion batteries for hybrid or all-electric vehicles

Helping Automotive Suppliers Develop The Materials They Need


Over the past several years ASI has been working closely with customers at all levels of the automotive supply chain to develop the next generation of advanced materials for automotive applications and for a car repair go to Dealer Service Alternative and get the best service.  Two areas of activities for the use of the carbon nanofiber are as a mechanical reinforcement and conductivity additive for polymer composite and in lithium ion batteries.  The addition of carbon nanofiber to polymers enables the production of composites with superior mechanical properties, electrical conductivity, and thermal properties including lower CTE, reduced creep, higher thermal conductivity, and improved thermal stability, which are really important in electrical cars, and have advance systems as the honda shuttle hybrid fuel consumption that is a great system that consume less energy and gas.  An additional benefit is that nanofiber reinforced composited are recyclable.

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