About Us


Max L. Lake, President

Mr. Lake is President and founder of Applied Sciences, Inc., specializing in research and development of advanced materials.  Under his leadership, Applied Sciences, Inc. has developed an international reputation for research and development in carbon and carbon fibers, and has been recognized by the state and federal governments, Industry Week, and R&D Magazine for its technology development achievements.  Mr. Lake is a capable research scientist/engineer, having made contributions to the fields of electron-atom interaction, plasma physics, and carbon research.  Mr. Lake has extensive experience in program management of multidisciplinary groups in the physical sciences.  He has served as principal investigator on several research programs investigating growth and physical properties of vapor grown carbon fibers and carbon nanofibers (VGCF), plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition of diamond and diamond like carbon films, as well as development and property measurements of VGCF composites.


Patrick D. Lake
Patrick D. Lake, Vice-President

Mr. Lake is a Chemical Engineer with experience in growth of VGCF and CNF, and fabrication of high thermal conductivity carbon-carbon composites.  He is well-versed in state-of-the-art composite fabrication and characterization methods.  Mr. Lake has  worked on the production of carbon nanofiber, including the development of a novel carbon nanofiber type, PR-25.  Mr. Lake has led an effort to develop a continuous carbon nanofiber mat product and has overseen work on the silicon deposition of carbon nanofibers.  Additionally, Mr. Lake has made contributions in set-up and operation of quality control measures for ASI’s production affiliate, PPI.  Other experience includes a variety of surface functionalization work performed on carbon nanofibers.


Carla Leer Lake, Ph.D., Senior Project Engineer

As a Polymer Engineer, Dr. Lake has studied extensively over the past 7 years the effect of processing on carbon nanofiber morphology and the resultant composite properties. Ms. Leer brings vast amounts of processing expertise with her to Applied Sciences, Inc. and is focusing her time on the development of high quality CNF based composites as well as providing processing advice to customers. She is also actively involved on the development of new methods capable of quantifying the dispersion quality of nano-particles/fibers suspensions, and on finding new routines to efficiently transfer carbon nanofibers excellent properties into composites by looking at the processing-morphology-property relationship dynamics. She is also responsible for the development of new materials.


Elliot Kennel, Director of New Product Development

Beginning his career with the US Air Force at Wright Laboratories, Mr. Kennel has developed processes for microwave plasma catalysis of carbon nanomaterials and diamond thin films, as processes to produce synthetic cokes, pitches and carbon composites, both from fossil fuel as well as green (low or zero carbon footprint) sources.

In addition to carbon nanomaterials research, Mr. Kennel is holder or co-holder of several patents pertaining to carbon product synthesis and coal liquefaction.