Strength in P3 Nanos

You’ve got a great product. Nanos can make it better. Stronger. Lighter. More energy efficient. Increase your market share.

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The Lab Research Meets Development

Leave the science to us! We contract with you and offer a unique solution for your specific product. You don’t need to become an advanced materials expert to use and benefit from carbon nanofibers.

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The Market Disruptor

Power In Pyrograf® III

Our patented P3 carbon nanofibers can be added to your product in order to reduce weight, increase durability, eliminate or reduce vibration, and impart thermal and electrical conductivity. When you add our advanced materials to your product, its increased performance has the power to disrupt markets.

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Microscopically Mighty

Carbon nanofibers can provide tailored reinforcement, conductivity, and absorption when added to plastic and composite products. Whether from aerospace to consumer goods, here’s how our patented advanced materials improve products to help you surpass your customers’ expectations.

Aerospace Beyond the Stratosphere

Applied Sciences has a rich history of development work funded by the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and NASA. We’ve also completed successful product development for major aerospace Prime Contractors, automotive companies, and on next-generation batteries. We’re now applying what we have learned and are using our patented products in commercial markets to improve consumer goods.

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Defense Stronger in Air, on Land, and at Sea

Applied Sciences works closely with large and small defense contractors to develop superior composites for use in ground, air, and sea-based military systems. Advanced materials help reinforce equipment, aircraft, ships, and vehicles on the frontlines so they’re more reliable, safer, and longer-lasting.

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Adventure From Black Powder to Fresh Powder

Advanced materials are perfect for adventure brands and sporting goods where weight and durability are important to customers. When we add carbon nanofibers to skis, snowboards, helmets, rope, jackets, packs, and gear, they become lighter, stronger, and more durable and effective. This offers sports enthusiasts who crave lighter equipment a more durable product that lasts.  

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Automotive Nanomaterials Paving the Way

Applied Sciences works with customers at all levels of the automotive supply chain to develop the next generation of advanced materials for automotive applications. We’ve found opportunities to add carbon nanofibers to strengthen car tires, lightweight fenders, and more.

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Energy Taking Charge of Conductivity

Applications for carbon nanofibers abound in both advanced energy and consumer electronics. Nanomaterials can improve electrical conductivity and manage the temperature in products that plug in or have batteries. 

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New Applications Open Your Eyes to Our Drop-in Solution

From sound to optics to endless consumer products, there’s an opportunity and application for advanced materials. If you manufacture a consumer good, we can likely improve it. Let our experience show you an easy integration into your supply chain. 

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